University of Vermont


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The University of Vermont (UVM) is located in the urban center of Burlington, Vermont overlooking Lake Champlain.  UVM is excited to welcome students from around the world, and values this internationalization as they prepare students, staff and faculty for success in an increasingly global society. UVM’s Office of International Education offers a full spectrum of services for students coming to UVM to work or study or those headed overseas for study abroad. Around 600 international students are pursuing undergraduate, graduate and medical degrees at the University of Vermont and there are 50 exchange students from all over the world every year.

The University of Vermont offers the Global Gateway Program for students who need additional English-language support as they begin their university studies. International students who meet the University of Vermont admissions requirements but don’t yet have the required English language level can apply for the program. The program provides an undergraduate degree pathway that combines English training with University course credits (equivalent to semester 1 or year 1 of a bachelor’s degree depending on the student’s English ability upon entering).

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