Marlboro College


Private university - marlboro college

Marlboro College cultivates a close-knit, intentionally small learning community where independent thinkers can explore their deepest interests, collaborate with faculty as colleagues, and set the course for their own intellectual and professional pursuits. Located in southeastern Vermont, Marlboro undergraduate and graduate programs are based on a scenic campus in the town of Marlboro. Combined enrollment for undergraduate and graduate programs is less than 500 students.

As an independent, not-for-profit college rooted in progressive education, Marlboro offers an antidote to the conformity and conventional thinking that characterize many education environments. Faculty members welcome intellectual candor, embrace new perspectives, and respect and encourage individual expression.

Marlboro's undergraduate program emphasizes interdisciplinary, student-designed study, and a self-governing community. Faculty and undergraduates work together closely and frequently through small discussion-based classes, one-to-one tutorials, Plan of Concentration advising sessions, and other forums. More than 75 percent of undergraduates go on to further study in graduate school, many of them reporting that their Marlboro experience uniquely prepared them for advanced scholarship.

Marlboro's graduate offerings in education and management merge theory with practice in concentrations designed to anticipate emerging business and pedagogical needs. Graduate students find that personal and professional advancement proceeds from a deep understanding of ourselves and an appreciation of how individual actions impact the lives of others. Marlboro's effective learning model is designed to help students balance academics with work and life priorities, with in-person weekend residencies once a month complemented by guided field-study and virtual discussions.

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