Education Vermont USA is a nonprofit 501(c)3 Consortium of Colleges, Secondary Schools, State and Federal agencies with the focus of promoting Vermont as an educational destination of choice and connecting Vermont students with quality opportunities for international education and training abroad.

Vermont is home to some 24 institutions of higher learning that welcome international students from all over the world every year.

We not only have amazing colleges, but Vermont is home to world class private and public secondary institutions such as St. Johnsbury Academy, Lyndon Institute, Burlington High School and Champlain Valley Union High School that have a long standing history of training international students for admission to top ranked colleges here and abroad.

Business Facilities magazine ranked Vermont sixth in the nation for education of its workforce and first in educational climate. We are famous for our healthy living and very safe teaching environments.

Please take some time to explore our colleges and secondary schools in the links provided and let us know if you any questions about your educational voyage in Vermont.



Education Vermont USA is a group of educational and training organizations in Vermont whose broad purpose it to connect international students with quality education and training in Vermont and to connect Vermont students with quality opportunities for internaional education and training abroad.


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